Strawberry pickers


Many people remember childhood days of picking strawberries surrounded by straw down on the ground. It was tough on the back and took a long time to pick.

The good news is that modern commercial strawberry production in many areas of the world has evolved. It depends on where you’re wanting to work.

In the USA, due to the scale of production, they are still generally grown in the ground, but on raised beds around knee high to make them easier to pick. Expect to harvest between 10 and 15kg per hour on an average day. You will normally be outside, so the weather needs to be taken into account. If you hate getting hot, this job is not for you!

In Europe and many other countries, production has converted to a system called ‘tabletop’.
Fruit is grown on tall raised platforms, so that the fruit hangs in the air below the plant and is very easy to pick. Average around 28 to 30kg per hour and is not back breaking at all.

Strawberry picking is normally paid by the kg or tray and not by the hour, so its performance based. It’ll take a bit of time to fine tune your skills but good pickers can earn a very good hourly wage equivalent.

Things to be aware of:

Farm locations are often not on a bus route, so your own transport is often required
Harvesting is quite a repetitive job, so if you get bored easily, it may not be appropriate for you
These jobs require a degree of commitment. You normally must be available to work for several weeks continuously and at the times of day required by the job.
Harvesting is one of the most rewarding jobs, as you can see a cleared area where you have been working
It is also a job where your earning potential is only capped by your own ability and determination.

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